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Jasper’s School Programs

  Ever since the publication of his first book in 1981, Jasper Tomkins has been
in high demand as an inspiring speaker at elementary schools. He has traveled far and wide
enthralling and fascinating children with his exciting programs.

  When Jasper spends a day at a school he brings a tidal wave of infectious energy and joy
that fills the day from beginning to end. Children who have never liked to read or were reluctant
to write or draw are transformed by the non-stop modeling of delight and the wonder of creation.
Even kindergarten classes sit transfixed by the visual/verbal rhythm of the programs.

  If you are interested in scheduling Jasper to come to your school or conference send an email to schools@jaspertomkins.com  for further information and details. Please include your location, time of year you would prefer, phone and email access, and any questions you might have. You will be making a step towards a transformation at your school of both students and teachers alike.


Jasper Tomkins moved from the Northwest where he has enthralled children with his school programs since 1981. He now lives in the center of Vermont 3000 miles to the East. This of course makes it more complicated to do schools in the West but easier to do schools in the East. Wherever you are, you can find out about having Jasper come to your area by inquiring at schools@jaspertomkins.com

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