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Books by Jasper Tomkins

The following books were all originally published by
Green Tiger Press and then in later editions by
Simon and Schuster, Aladdin, Children’s Press and
other imprints. They are all now currently out of print except for NIMBY,
But with a little effort, copies can be still found lurking in
bookstores and on the internet.
Try Abebooks.com which searches in over 100 bookstores for you -
or at Amazon.com, BN.com

Jasper Tomkins - "NIMBY"            

NIMBY 1982 $7.95

2011 New Hardback Edition   $15.95

Washington State
Children’s Choice Award

One of Jaspers most popular books, this is the heartwarming tale of a young cloud with a definite mind of its own. When the old clouds are big and puffy, Nimby is sliding on the mountain tops. When the clouds are high and skinny, Nimby is a fluffy pig. When Nimby is finally sent away from family, he finds a perfect friend in the middle of the ocean. This cherished book is sometimes found on the internet for prices as high as $300 to $400 per copy. Good luck in your quest. I wish I had a warehouse full of them.


1984      $7.95

Parents Choice Honor Book
IRA/CBC Children’s Choice

Two children set off in a rubber raft to find the hole in the ocean. They find themselves drawn into a huge whirlpool. As they swirl down deeper and deeper they pass everything on earth going down with them. When they finally hit the bottom they are in for quite a surprise.

          Jasper Tomkins book "A Hole In The Ocean"

Jasper Tomkins book "The Sky Jumps Into Your Shoes At Night"          


1986      $7.95

Children’s Choice Award 

This book is not a story, it is an illustrated collection of ideas about the life of our dear happy friend, the sky. The sky is everywhere. It surrounds us. It plays inside balloons, sleeps in bank vaults, and even carries dandelion seeds over the fence into your neighbors back yard. If Jasper had a favorite book, this might be it.


1987      $7.95

This is a rhyming pattern book about events in the life of two bears. Such as: “ When a bear comes for lunch he eats a great big bunch” Whimsical statements about bear behavior along  with bright, witty pictures help explain these tummy tickling rhymes. Children often memorize the whole book..

        Jasper Tomkins book "When A Bear Bakes A Cake"

Jasper Tomkins book "The Mountains Crack Up"        


1987      $7.95

This book is the sequel to Jasper’s first book, The Catalog. The three playful mountains receive a rude awakening from their carefree, spendthrift days when the bill arrives for everything they’ve ordered so far from the catalog. But with some help from a little bear they cleverly come up with more than enough funds to pay off their debts.


1989     $7.95

Jasper loved bears as a child but he couldn’t help wondering how they could make themselves sleep through the whole winter. No one ever seemed to have an answer, so Jasper came up with his own idea and then years later made it into this fanciful, endearing book

        Jasper Tomkins book "Bear Sleep Soup"

Jasper Tomkins book "My Secret Sunrise"        


1989      $7.95 paper      $11.95 hardcover

This was the last book Jasper made in his studio on Orcas Island . It celebrates the remarkable view of  the sunrise he saw out over the ocean every morning. In the story a boy straps his big orange cat on the back of his bicycle and they set out in the early morning to observe all that occurs during the rising of the sun.


1981      $5.95

The Catalog was Jasper’s first book. It was published in 1981 to great acclaim. It was immediately awarded the International Children’s Book Award and then the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award followed by a National Children’s Choice Award. It tells the story of three playful mountains who order their favorite animals from a catalog only to discover there are a number of new responsibilities to be dealt with. This book has delighted children and adults ever since its publication. The original version from 1981 has been difficult to find in recent years but the recently revived Green Tiger Press brought out a new special edition in 2003 that has blue borders in celebration.

        Jasper Tomkins book "The Catalog" 1981

There is a possibility that more of these out of print books will be republished in the future. Check this website for updates. In the meantime, ask for them at book stores, snoop around in used book stores, do internet searches, try the websites I listed above, try ebay, place want ads, offer rewards, go door to door, and look under roller coasters and other places where people drop things.

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